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Who Am I

Starting Early

Even though a young entity, the need to communicate, enlighten, and convince started many moons ago. It all took birth from my Dad reading me some poetry and then in my French Composition High School class, where I was in the top 3 in writing essays.


I was born in Alexandria, Egypt to a French mother and a Greek father. I went to school at St. Marc College run by the brothers of St. Jean Baptiste, the same ones who run Notre Dame university.


It was a great time with everybody getting along. But that changed. Due to the unhealthy climate in Egypt for non-Muslims, I flew to California where I enrolled at Pasadena City College. From there I went to "California State University at Los Angeles", where I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree.  I have to say, these were great and fun 4+ years.


While at Pasadena City College,  I joined a local fraternity. There, I started, edited, printed, and mailed out “The Devilish Imp” – a fraternity monthly newsletter. Violet ink from the mimeograph machine tainted my fingers for days, but I didn’t care. It was fun.


A few years later, I became the president of the Monterey Park Art Association, California. It basically was a brand new association for local artists. We took the old jailhouse and converted it into our gallery and offices.

Traveling With An International Oil and Gas Company

Upon graduating from University, I joined an International Oil and Gas Engineering and Construction Company where I honed my writing skills in producing project letters and later successful 1 billion dollars+ proposals as part of my Project Management

This career took me throughout the world where I lived for an average of 2+ years in each of 9 different countries. These covered countries from deserts to civilized ones. It also afforded me and my wife to vacation in over 70 countries covering all continents except So. America and Antarctica.


For Fluor Company, I traveled and relocated a lot. In Kuwait, I became the chairman of the Kuwait Business Council for 2 years until I moved due to being relocated to Indonesia. There, I also became Chairman of the Advisory Committee for the Jakarta Wine Association. I was also in charge to write articles for the monthly publication. Unfortunately, my files were destroyed during the relocation. 














My Hobbies

In my early days, I used to paint and even taught pottery for a while. Now I love to go on walks, ride bicycles, and tend to our organic garden which I do with my wife.


Recently my wife and I joined a group and we are learning to play Mahjong. Interesting game.

Together we started a flower and vegetable garden in our backyard and have learned many tricks. We have been able to do quite well by planting pollinator plants as well as ones that attract butterflies. 

Discovering the wineries and the surrounding of Austin, Texas has also been fascinating, especially the wine samples/tastings. And let’s not forget the shows at the Moody Theater in downtown Austin, Texas.













Subjects Of Some Of My Writings

Working full-time did not stop me from writing. And since becoming a full-time freelance copywriter, I have continued my writing career.  Some of my writings include:

  • Articles for Fluor Roundup on remote camp living

  • Articles comparing life in Indonesia v/s Laguna Beach, California. These were published by the Laguna Beach Weekly

  • Articles for the Jakarta Wine Club's monthly newsletter where I was the Advisory Chairman for the Jakarta Wine Associations for two years

  • Articles for the Clipper Users Group of Orange County where I presided for two years before resigning to be deployed in a foreign country

  • Author of Wine Trakker, a personal cellar catalog of wines, written in Clipper Language before the advent of Windows.

    • The program also included numerous articles on French Wines and their regions, also written by me.

  • Articles about our travels throughout Mexico

  • A white paper: “Trends In Wine In 2019/2022”

  • Sales letter for local companies

  • Articles published in local newspapers – The Jakarta Post

  • Sale’s email content for Austin Realty and others

  • Author of a moderate conservative political blog –


So. If you need a good and reliable copywriter, I am yours. As such, I am ready to help you and your company conquer the world and reach your goals and beyond.

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