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Have you been frustrated lately with not getting results from your advertisements? Are your expectations not being met and your quota going down the drain? Are you getting tired of poor results in general and maybe a lack of communication?  

It can be ugly out there in the world especially lately with all the competition. Believe me, you are not alone. I know. It is tiring to reach out to prospective buyers only to get poor or no action.


What if I can help you turn around this slump and make you successful? What you need are the right words and I have them.


With me, you will have someone who is:

  • Reliable, creative, and can work well with you and your team,

And a person that:

  • Is able to send out clear and concise messages that produce results

  • And can entice your prospects to continually come to you and then return for more.


So why should you choose me?

Because I am a highly qualified copywriter that will compel your prospective clients to come to you as well as keep your present ones. With your input and my skills, we will become a winning team for your success.


I am here to get you the response and reach the goal that you want and deserve.


My name is Jean-Pierre Z, a freelance copywriter that will contribute to your success. I am trained by the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI). I also have loads of experience working in big international corporations on multibillion-dollar projects including writing proposals and winning these projects. My experience also includes sales emails, monthly newsletters, white papers, newsletter articles, and more.


I strive to be on time. My work on these bids made me ready to ensure a top performance turned in on time. One does not turn in multibillion proposals late. I will not fail you.


Check out my “Who Am I?” page as well as some of my samples and contact me for a fruitful association culminating in your success.


228 Encanto Pl, Austin, TX 78737, USA

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